Terms of use

The data of the platform of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative is stored in the European Union, and follows its privacy rules protecting personal data (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR). The very fact that a person is a member of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative is a political opinion, and as such protected by the GDPR, Art.9, as a "special category of personal data".

The CosmoPolitical Cooperative commits never to sell or transmit the personal data of its Members or Observers, nor any data related to their activity on the platform, to any third party, except when requested by the legal authorities under mandate by a judge.

The CosmoPolitical Cooperative does not display any part of the Identity Information (i.e. the given name(s), the family name(s), the date or place of birth) or the e-mail addresses of its members on its platform.

As a member of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative, you understand that you choose your publicly visible Pseudonym under your full responsibility, and that that the CosmoPolitical Cooperative cannot be held liable in case this Pseudonym enables third parties to track back to your real identity.

As a member of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative, you publish content on the platform under the conditions that:

The CosmoPolitical Cooperative is not liable for the content that is published on it. The platform systematically moderates content ex ante, and moderates it ex post upon notification by users.

You can download these Terms of Use here and keep them for your records.

Version of January 2020.